Rosie’s is What a Neighborhood Tavern is ALL ABOUT

“Rosie’s is Really the Bar Where Everyone Knows Your Name.”

“Rosie’s Has Proven That Old Habits Die Hard, and That Some Things Are Never Meant to Change.”

About Rosies Tavern NKY

Rosie’s Tavern in Covington is a staple of Main Strauss, and according to regulars and local residents, “The Friendliest Bar in Covington.”

Our customers can say it best, so we will just let them:



Rosie's is one of Main Strasse Village's most prized (and slightly hidden) gems. Rosie's is indeed a "gay bar," but with a much more relaxed feel than the typical techno music blaring, disco ball hanging dance club you might think of. Rosie's is a great place to come and chill with friendly people and unwind after a long day at work. They often have pretty good pitcher specials as well as a stocked bar. All of the bartenders are extremely personable and if you come in with some regularity they will indeed "know your name." There are no DJs remixing Lady GaGa. Though if you so choose there is a jukebox with plenty of GaGa for all! All the music played comes from the patrons using the jukebox. Rosie's front room has plenty of tables to sit at as well as a pool table. There's a small second room with a cigarette machine and a few more tables and in the very back you will find the restrooms (complete with chalk boards to write your inner most thoughts and feelings). I've honestly never had a bad time at Rosie's. It's small enough that you really get to know all the patrons and can hear yourself think. It usually starts out a little dead, but come around 10:30ish and you'll almost always find a decent sized crowd. Rosie's has a 'Cheers' feel with friendly bartenders and patrons and good music (because you get to choose it). Bottom-line: if you feel like a chill night of drinking pitchers with friends and making new ones Rosie's is a fantastic spot that will not disappoint!

Missy L


My first time was here in 2012 and it's still my favourite bar and the best that Cincinnati can offer. Love this place, good prices and nice crowd. They're beyond amazing! Cheers!

Ruslan B.


Definitely, my favorite bar! Great bartenders, great drink prices, great clientele! The friendliest bar in the area... You can just sit down and start a conversation with someone.

Tim Davis


Latest drink specials, deals and general events or “happenings” at Rosie’s Tavern Northern Kentucky in Main Strasse Covington

Rosie’s Tavern is located at 643 Bakewell St, Covington, KY 41011! Call anytime: (859) 291-9707


    $5.50 Bourbon Every Tuesday

    $5.50 BOURBON from some of the best distillers around like Blantons, Basil Hayden, Angel’s Envy, Bookers and more! Call for details.



    Every Monday at Rosie’s Tavern, drop by for some Free Pool, $2 well drink special and $6 domestic beer pitchers. Totally worth it, every time.


    Live Music

    First Saturday of every Month at 9:00 PM! Go ahead and shake your groove thang!

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Built as a tavern In 1896, in the historical Mainstrasse Village of Covington. Rosie’s Tavern has proven that old habits die hard and that some things are never meant to change.
Located at the corner of 7th & Bakewell, Rosie’s Tavern has stayed true to it’s patrons for over 2 decades. With a warm & friendly atmosphere and exceptional drinks. Rosie’s Tavern signifies what a neighborhood tavern is all about.
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Address: 643 Bakewell St, Covington, KY 41011

Phone: (859) 291-9707

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